Psychological Effects of Pets are Profound

Feb 06 2015

By Sy Montgomery GLOBE CORRESPONDENT  JANUARY 12, 2015I once faced a sickening defeat. After a day and a half of an intensive scuba class, diving too deep, too fast produced pressure in my ears, causing dizziness and nausea. I was …

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Animal Friends and Big Science Music present: The Healing Power of Pets

Dec 23 2013

The healing power of the human-animal bond is nothing short of astounding.  Pet owners tend to have better psychological wellbeing and fewer minor health problems.  From lowering our blood pressure and reducing stress to enhancing self-esteem and empathy in our …

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Baby Ready Pets Class Review

Dec 16 2013

Hello! My husband and I participated in the Baby Ready Pets class back in July, and I just wanted to say thanks again for all the great info. We definitely felt like we had a good plan for introducing our …

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Keeping the Animals We Love Safe This Holiday Season

Nov 25 2013

The winter months and holiday season have arrived! The holidays can provide wonderful opportunities to stay close to home and bask the companionship of our pets. But, as the holidays are also a time for eating, drinking, decorating, and being …

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Can Any Pet be a Baby-Ready Pet? Animal Friends Offers Baby-Ready Pets Classes

Oct 30 2013

By Kristy Locklin My cat, Hobbes, is a biter, as evidenced by my scarred appendages. Throughout my pregnancy, he eyeballed my belly and licked his lips in anticipation of tasting young, supple flesh. I bypassed the children’s book “Pat the …

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Microchipping Can Save Your Pet’s Life

Oct 18 2013

Microchips can help reunite lost pets with their families. If you adopted your pet from Animal Friends or another local shelter, your pet is already microchipped. If you didn’t, talk to your vet about microchipping today! Microchips are a tiny …

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Does Your Pet Have a Food Intolerance?

Sep 09 2013

Photo by: Linda Mitzel By the Staff at Petagogy Every day people come into Petagogy complaining about their pets’ itchy paws, loose stools, irritated skin and other maladies, looking for a supplement or medication to treat the problem. Because these …

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Pet Owners in Crisis

Mar 08 2013

It’s a scenario that happens far more often than anyone would like. For whatever reason—personal, lifestyle-related, or something else, pets are surrendered to Animal Friends every day. The reasons for surrendering a pet vary. According to the American Society for …

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Halloween Pet Safety Tips

Oct 26 2012

By the Staff at Petagogy Halloween is just around the corner! While you’re gathering together your costume, stocking up on candy and transforming your yard into a graveyard, remember that holidays like Halloween can be stressful times for your pets. …

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