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Rabbit Enrichment with Behavior Training

Feb 11 2015

Guest Blogger: Laureen DzadovskyOriginally published in a Chicago House Rabbit Society newsletter Rabbits are quite fascinating. As we learn more about them, we find ways to enrich their lives as well as enriching our own. Bunnies respond very well to …

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Clicker Training Can Help Your Pet

Mar 11 2013

Have you ever watched a wild animal show at theme or marine life parks and found it fascinating? Watching eager dolphins leap through hoops; happy parrots chortle away show tunes; and menacing lions, tigers, and bears play so gently with …

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Calypso needs a home!

Oct 10 2011

Calypso is a very timid little girl, but with the help of her foster family, she grows a little more courageous every day. This 2-year-old petite Mini-Lop with a luxurious black coat is looking for someone who will help her …

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