Love at First Wag: Milo

It’s not often you find love at first sight but when you do, you know its true.

Such was the case for adopter Connie M. and her kitten, Milo.  Connie lost her long-time feline companion, Duchess, in September 2012, after 16 years. Connie and her family grieved but soon realized they had a lot of love that they wanted to give to another cat.  They came to Animal Friends in December and fell head over tails in love with Milo, a 5-week old kitten.  

Milo has fit right into his new home and Connie loves when he greets her after a long day at work.

We are so happy that we found him! He has really filled our hearts after losing our dear Duchess after 16 years,” Connie said.

Connie recently entered Milo in Pet Food Direct’s “Love at First Wag” contest, where he won 2nd Runner Up!  Great job, Milo!

In addition to a tasty bag of cat food, Milo (and his forever family) have decided to gift their $100 prize to Animal Friends.  Thank you so very much! Your donation is much appreciated.

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