Lizzie Lou: One Bunny’s Journey from Pet Shop to Forever Home

Guest Blogger: Mary Moyle

Lizzie’s journey began as the result of a pet store buy gone wrong.  The shoppers were told they were getting two female bunnies.  But of course, it is very difficult to tell the sex of young rabbits so shortly there were four more bunnies.  These youngsters were brought to Animal Friends as an unwanted litter.  

By luck, my husband was at the shelter that day and since there really was no room available, he brought two of the litter, Jane and Lizzie to our home to foster.  We were cared for them until they were old enough to be spayed.  During the night of Feb 11, Lizzie was very agitated and running around her x-pen collecting hay and ripping paper to put in her litter box.  Early on Sunday morning, Feb 12, 2012 she began to pull fur from herself and lining the box which we now know was a nest. 

Later in the evening, while we were out, Lizzie gave birth to four little bunnies!  Imagine our surprise when we came home to four tiny pink bodies with no fur and closed eyes.  What a joy!  Being part of this event was so special. Lizzie was a perfect Mommy and took wonderful care of her babies, even though she was hardly more than a baby herself at six months.  She fed and cleaned her babies.  It was amazing to see her with them.  

We recorded their progress and realized that  baby bunnies do not stay babies very long.  In three weeks, they doubled their weight and were climbing out of the nest.  We enjoyed watching the babies explore and try their first binkys. Although a little unsteady at first, they were soon running like lightning.  Since there were four babies, we named them Eenie, Meenie, Miney and Mo. 

As it turned out, Meenie was the only male.  We fostered them until it was their turn to be spayed and neutered and ready for adoption into their forever homes.  They were able to attend bun runs and show off for prospective adopters.  Each has their own personality and soon captured the hearts of bunny lovers.  Mo was always the most adventuresome, first out of the nest and first to explore new areas.  Eenie, Meenie and Mo have found their forever homes.  Only Miney still waits to meet her caring family.  Miney was always the most quiet and reserved, so she is waiting patiently for the perfect family.  

Since we shared this journey with Lizzie, we felt we had to keep her as part of our family.  We adopted Lizzie and love spending time with this exceptional lady who has already given us so many precious memories.

Miney celebrated her first birthday on Tuesday, February 12!  Help us give Miney the best birthday gift of all, a forever home!  Check out her bio and a video here and then come meet Miney.  She’s waiting for you.

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