Bunny Essentials: What You Need To Know About Rabbits

Guest Blogger: Mark McClure, Volunteer Rabbit Wrangler

Rabbits are gaining popularity as pets, coming in only fourth to cats, dogs and birds. With this newfound popularity, rabbits have become a newly welcomed addition to families all over the United States. Rabbits, like any other species of animal, can be misunderstood, and that can lead to bunnies being abandoned–or worse. This can be avoided just by knowing some very basic but essential facts about rabbit care, habitat, diet and health.

First and most importantly, be sure everyone in your home is prepared for the new arrival, even Fido or Mittens. Pet ownership and rabbits in particular require a lot of responsibility and even financial commitment. For instance, a rabbit needs a large cage or pen to live and play in. They also need hay, pellets, water, fresh greens, toys, bedding and a place for potty breaks. Also remember to factor in the costs of medical care throughout the rabbit’s life, grooming, and other expenses.

If you are ready to start looking for your new long-eared friend, you may consider adopting from a shelter like Animal Friends. Adopting from a shelter is such a rewarding experience for you because you helped save a rabbit who needed a second chance, and are freeing a space so the shelter will be able to save more bunnies.

Do you research and learn about different kinds of rabbits. Rabbits come in many different shapes, sizes, colors and temperaments, and choosing the one right for you can make all the difference!

The next thing you need to know is how to make your new bunny feel right at home. Having a comfortable cage equipped with hay (as much as the bunny’s body size is usually recommended) for eating and sleeping in, water, and maybe a cardboard or wooden toy to make your rabbit feel snug.

Playtime for your furry friend is very important for its physical and emotional health. Playtime regiments are suggested as 3 – 4 hours daily. Most bunnies have no problem romping by themselves, but some playtime with you can make your bunny feel more loved and when your bunny feels loved, he will love you back!

In conclusion, owning a rabbit can be a lot of work but with proper care and knowledge your bunny is on the track to being happy and healthy. Your bunny can be a best friend, companion and a constant source of love.

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