Looking For A Home: Rickon

Oct 15 2014

Guest Blogger: Lisa Bartel All of the adoptable animals at Animal Friends are wonderful, potential pets for the right family. One of those dogs is Rickon: a dog who stole my heart.  He came to Animal Friends as a puppy …

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Happy Tails: Trinity!

Oct 21 2013

It is an honor to have volunteered and adopted with Animal Friends over the years. As a 93-year-old widower, the true value of my relationship with Animal Friends has been the love and companionship I have received from the dogs …

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Angels and our Animal Cops

Aug 16 2013

By Jeff Geissler, Communications Assistant As I write this, two small Yorkies in the Pittsburgh area are living in an empty house, not sure when their caregivers will show up again. Neighbors say the owners occasionally stop by – maybe …

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Sitting in a Cage with Baxter

Apr 23 2013

Guest Blogger: Animal Friends’ Volunteer and Blog Contest Honorable Mention Sergei Murray I wrote this on Thanksgiving on my iPhone sitting in a cage with Baxter.Perhaps the feeling of the holidays leave when you’re of an older age. Perhaps the …

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How I Came to Be an Animal Friends Volunteer

Apr 23 2013

Guest Blogger: Animal Friends’ Volunteer and Blog Contest Winner Andrew Lotz Response: How I came to be an Animal Friends volunteer Short answer: cancer and sadness.  I guess I have to go into more depth. It started in late September …

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Bubbles Friday at Animal Friends

Apr 08 2013

By Suzanne Denk, Animal Enrichment Specialist for Animal Friends Everyone loves bubbles!  Animals love bubbles too, which is why we use them as part of our kennel enrichment.  Bubbles provide something interesting and new for animals to look at outside …

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Top Ten Reasons to Foster a Pet

Mar 24 2013

By Eve Salimbene, Animal Behavior Technician 10. You want to help Animal Friends, but can’t make it here every day. 9. You can help an animal recover from illness or injury in a quiet home environment. 8. You can help …

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How to Introduce a New Dog to Your Cranky Cat

Mar 13 2013

By Jolene Miklas, Director of Communications I never thought my cat would let me have a dog. My cat, Firefly, is 14 years old, suffers from irritable bowel, and hates everyonebut me. Firefly: trying to flip you the bird. And …

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Enrichment: It’s Not Just Fun and Games at Animal Friends

Mar 11 2013

By Suzanne Denk, Animal Enrichment Specialist for Animal Friends I am having a bad day. My shoulders are tense and my neck hurts. I cannot focus and nothing has been crossed off the “to do” list.  I am eating potato …

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Grouchy Canines: Dogs Who Growl or Snap

Mar 11 2013

By: Lilian Akin, CPDT If your dog recently growled or snapped, you may be wondering why. After all, you may have done your research and made sure you adopted the best dog for your family. Does this sudden behavior change …

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