Help Them Heal Challenge: Violet

A little face poked out of a carrier. A face covered in open wounds and sores. Little did Violet know but being brought to Animal Friends was the one of the best things that could’ve happened to her. The couple that had her couldn’t care for her. They didn’t want to deal with her medical issues. Animal Friends staff sees these situations all the time, but this one was different.

The mange that plagued Violet was one of the worst cases Animal Friends’ medical staff had seen. Despite being in as much pain as she was, her tail just wouldn’t stop wagging.

While there were many components to Violet’s medical needs, she wasn’t just another case to be treated. She was so much more than that! She was a puppy that didn’t know how to be a puppy. And Animal Friends was there to teach Violet that too.

In between diluted bleach baths (it helps to kill the mites) and shots of antibiotics and special vitamins, Violet learned to sit and give paw with some practice. And one day, Violet’s favorite staff member realized Violet had been in her quarantine room for 69 whole days. A puppy that had never felt the grass on her paws. So if Violet couldn’t be brought outside, the outside would be brought to her.

Leaves were gathered and piled onto her floor. Violet had never seen anything like them. Cautious at first but soon she romped in them and tossed them in the air – no one had ever seen Violet so happy!

And after what seemed like an eternity, Violet was medically cleared – 270 days after she had been brought to Animal Friends. The animals that make their way here aren’t perfect and all need some help. Some, like Violet, need more time than others. Whether it’s one day or 270 days.

At Animal Friends, we promise to make an investment in the health of every one of our animals regardless of their level of need. Yes, every single one. But to be able to provide this kind of care we need your help. Now through Oct. 10 – thanks to the generosity of Bob and Janine Fragasso – every dollar you give in support of our residents’ medical care will be matched 50 cents on the dollar up to $125,000. Click here to help more animals just like Violet.
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