How Oslo the Cat Won Himself a Home!

Guest Blogger: Terry Kuehner, Foster Parent for Animal Friends

Several weeks ago, a very sweet cat was abandoned at Animal Friends. He was spotted as he went running into the woods, and one of our volunteers ran outside to catch him.
Once he was safely inside, we discovered that he is a declawed, neutered Maine Coon mix. We named him Oslo.
But Oslo was severely ill. He suffered from an upper respiratory infection that almost took his life. When he turned that critical corner, it was determined that he needed to be fostered to regain a healthy weight. I took him home with me.
I soon saw that Oslo is absolutely the nicest, most laid-back cat I’ve ever known. He got along well with my cats and dogs. I knew he’d be perfect for a family.
Yesterday, a young couple came to Animal Friends asking for a declawed cat. I told them about Oslo. This morning, I brought Oslo to Animal Friends’ veterinary team to be medically cleared. Our Adoption Counselor called the family to come in to meet him.
They are a young couple with an 18-month-old baby and another cat. The family went to a Get Acquainted room for their big introduction.
The picture below is Oslo saying “Okay–let’s go home!”
He just jumped right in the baby carriage and won himself a home!

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