Animal Friends Celebrates Adopt-a-Dog Month with Priceless Pooches!

If you’ve never loved and been loved by a dog, then you’re truly missing out.

There, we said it!

Dogs are always happy when you come home. They remind you to play, laugh, or just get down and cuddle. And before you know it, their simple joys become your own. Whether a friendly dog wins your heart or you earn the trust of one who’s shy or less social, dogs offer us some of life’s most meaningful happiness.

Charity and Candy, a mother/daughter duo, are Beagles who have been waiting to love someone for too long. They quickly proved to be sweet and gentle enough to join our classroom programs and attend all our events, but they’ve been homeless for most of this year.

We hope their day will come soon…and maybe it will. This October, we at Animal Friends are celebrating National Adopt-a-Dog Month with a very special promotion: Priceless Pooches! From October 1-31, we’re waiving our requested adoption donation for all dogs age 6 months and older, Monday through Friday.

Some people have asked us why, when we invest so much into each and every animal, we’re willing to waive our adoption donations. The answer is simple. We know that, from pet stores to newspapers to flea markets, people have many choices when they look for a new pet. We firmly believe that adopters should choose pets that are spayed or neutered, microchipped, and medically and behaviorally evaluated. We believe in our adoption process. And most importantly, we believe that our shelter animals deserve to find loving homes. So, we’ll do whatever it takes…for as long as it takes…to find committed, qualified adopters.

So please, if you’ve ever considered adopting a dog…or another dog!…come to Animal Friends this October. Meet Charity, Candy and so many other wonderful dogs of all breeds, ages and personalities. Your visit might change your life—and theirs—forever!

As always, all adoptions are thoroughly screened to ensure appropriate, loving and lifelong matches.
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