Home-to-Home Adoption Program: Geno, Sidney and Jake

Meet the city kitties. Found in an abandoned lot across the street from PPG Paints Arena, on 5th Ave in downtown Pittsburgh—hence the Pittsburgh Penguins themed names—these kittens were destined for more than life in a concrete jungle.

Plush, pampered and paw-sitive is how life is going these days for the little peanuts. They love all the luxuries in life and have long forgotten what they left.

Jake (3 months old) loves soft blankets and lots of attention. He’ll be the first to climb up your chest and nuzzle into your neck purring away. He has two speeds—super love bug or super charge. This little guy loves to run around exploring everything and chasing whatever toy is in his path.

Geno (3 months old) loves to be held like a baby where he will gently fall asleep. He also loves little kisses on his wet nose. His favorite toys are a butterfly on a wand and the Jackson Galaxy Satellite balls he can knock around like hockey pucks. He’s already got a good slap shot.

Sidney (3 months old) loves to lay on her back and have her spotted, Bengal-esque belly rubbed. She too likes kisses on the nose. She also loves her Royal Canin wet food—this little girl is a big eater. Her favorite toys are the climber and plastic springs that bounce and move unexpectedly.

All of these babies would love to go to a home with another cat or with one of their siblings for feline companionship since they enjoy snuggling and playing with one another so much. But most importantly, they would love to go to a home where they are treasured and treated with all the love that they deserve.

The kittens will be available after their July 17th spay/neuter/vaccine appointments.

 If interested, contact Dena at 412.512.3563 or secondactcats@gmail.com


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