May and Mellow

By Krista Koontz, Humane Investigations Coordinator

Earlier this year, our Humane Investigations team received a call with information about two dogs left in a vehicle on a condemned property. After several unsuccessful attempts to contact the dogs’ owner, our Humane Society Police Officers obtained a search warrant to remove the dogs from the car.

What they found were two incredibly sweet but scared dogs in the cluttered and dirty vehicle. May is an 8-year-old brindled beauty and Mellow is a 2-year-old sweet and gentle pup, just as her name suggests. We brought the dogs to Animal Friends where they received medical treatment and lots of love and care from our staff and volunteers, which they so desperately needed. At first May and Mellow were fearful of their new surroundings and didn’t feel comfortable leaving their kennels. But with some patience and the help of tasty treats, the duo began to relax and enjoy the company their new friends on daily walks and other interactions.

Although these gals were rescued together, we didn’t know very much about their relationship or whether they needed to stay together. Through their observations at daily playgroup sessions, our Behavior staff didn’t find May and Mellow to have a co-dependent relationship, so they each spent some time in separate foster homes as we awaited the final verdict on their case.

Officer Galvin filed charges against May and Mellow’s owner for abandoning the dogs in the car and neglecting to provide them with adequate shelter, food and water. Then, at the end of September, May and Mellow had their day in court where the judge found the owner guilty and ordered forfeiture of the dogs, granting custody to Animal Friends. With a new lease on life, both girls were ready to begin the process of finding their new families. That day came for Mellow in mid-October when a lovely couple came in to look at our adoptable dogs. They had just bought a home and were ready to welcome a new addition to their family. One look at Mellow and they knew she was the missing piece they were searching for! May is currently awaiting a medical procedure, but as soon as she is healed up we know she’ll be on her way home in no time.

If you have witnessed animal cruelty in Allegheny County, contact our Humane Investigations team to give your eyewitness report at 412.847.7066.

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