Ten was Adopted, and we Can Tell!

By Jeff Geissler, Communications Assistant

Ten found his forever home, so I can finally get some work done.

Ten, who was the tenth cat rescued by our wonderful volunteer Diane Friske, is the most playful 2-year-old tabby you’ll ever meet. He’s cute beyond words, and he knows it. That is why he gets away with so many devilish antics.

I first met the little fella when I was making a video about him. He kept batting at balls, jumping on furniture, and frantically frolicking while I tired to capture his character. He was not a cooperative model.

He was our office assistant once. Let’s just say his office etiquette was a little unprofessional. He mistook my hand as it rolled the computer mouse as an interactive toy.

Our graphic designer Suaz, who obviously relies on good eyesight for her job, had her eyeglasses pulled off her smiling face by the mischievous little monster

Our Special Events Coordinator Christy was trying to make a business phone call, but Ten insisted on pawing the phone buttons and chewing her hair.

And every time we tried to get back to work, Ten would roll over onto his back and blink his gorgeous green eyes surrounded by his charming tiger stripes.

Ten didn’t know the line between work and play. But then again, cats are not known for being the most diligent and reliable workers.

So maybe we can all learn from his playful paws, and not be so darn serious about work, or life.

Happy Friday!

Click here to meet the cats who haven’t been adopted yet. We’re waiving the $75 adoption donation for all cats age 2+ through June 30!

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