The Cat Lover’s Guide to Litter Box Aversion

By Suzanne Denk, Dip. FBST, Animal Enrichment Specialist

Litter boxes are often located where don’t have to look at them, but sometimes that means we forget to scoop the box! When a medical issue is not the cause, litter box problems are most often caused by the litter box itself because it has become unpleasant and uninviting to your cat.

Cats would like us to consider the following when it comes to litter box etiquette:

  • Cleanliness
    Litter boxes should be scooped twice a day and washed weekly. Remember, a clean litter box does not smell.
  • Size
    The box should be almost twice the length of your cat so they can position comfortably and not have to stand on possibly soiled litter.
  • Location
    Litter boxes should be in various areas and levels of your home which are easily accessed by your cat. Just like we have bathrooms on each level of the home, so should your cat.
  • Amount
    The number of litter boxes needed is one per cat, plus one more. More may be needed to meet multiple location requirements.
  • Litter
    Three inches of unscented clumping litter is preferred by most cats. Adjust the depth to your cat’s preference for digging.

Cleaning and maintenance of the litter box is not a fun household chore but by creating litter box stations next to the litter boxes, you can make the chore quick and easy. Gather the items needed for a litter box station including a clean litter box, litter, paper lunch bags, a scoop and a mat.

A small plastic box under the scoop will help keep your station clean. Paper lunch bags are easily filled with the dirty litter and thrown away. A mat under the box will help catch litter that escapes the box.  Find an attractive container to hold all your supplies and add a dustpan and brush to complete your station.

Many litter box issues can be avoided when your cat is provided with clean, comfortable litter boxes.  Setting up a litter box station makes cleaning the litter box an easy task, helps instill the habit to clean the boxes twice a day and reduces our aversion to cleaning our cat’s bathroom.

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