Direct Axis is a Friend to Animal Friends

Imagine you’re watching a movie and the story is starting to get intense! The actors are delivering lines with feeling. Then, suddenly, music swells…your heart aches as the song fills the scene.  Before you know it, the music sweeps you away and the moment is drenched with emotion.

Good graphic design is like the soundrack to a movie. When you read a story about one of Animal Friends’ rescued animals, our graphic designers use photos, colors and images to convey emotion that puts you right inside the story. A talented graphic designer can turn a simple document into an experience that moves our donors to action.

When it comes to raising money and awareness for our animals, we count on a talented team. So, for more than a decade, Animal Friends has worked with the experts at Direct Axis to create effective mailings and brochures. You probably know their work — this Pittsburgh-based firm provides the design for our flagship newspaper, the Petsburgh Press, as well as our direct mail pieces and annual Black Tie & Tails program. Direct Axis also creates websites, catalogs, brochures and more.

Jolene Miklas, Animal Friends’ Director of Communications, says, “They really ‘get us!’ The team at Direct Axis works hard to learn our brand, our mission, and our goals. This is immediately evident in the campaigns they create for us. Best of all, their staff is incredibly professional and fun to work with. I love brainstorming with them.”

Direct Axis has been a great friend to Animal Friends, and their creative mailers have helped us raise over a million dollars in the past decade.

Animal Friends wholeheartedly recommends the team at Direct Axis. To learn more about how they can help you or your business, visit, call 1.800.849.3056 or write to

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