Meet Our Celebunnies!

Earlier this year, Animal Friends welcomed over 20 rabbits into our care. Their owner had purchased what they thought to be two male rabbits, but they quickly learned otherwise! As you can imagine, two unalter rabbits soon became many, many more. But, our dedicated team welcomed these rabbits with open arms as each of them was given the care they needed, complete with a medical exam and behavioral evaluation and, most importantly, a new name.

Shortly after they arrived, we found that several of them were pregnant and within just days, began to give birth to litters. While many of the rabbits and their babies are still being cared for in loving foster homes, a few have already been adopted and several others are patiently waiting to meet their new families!

Meet our celebunnies!

Sir Anthony Hopkins

Carrot Top

Al Bundy

Bunadict Cumberbatch

Nicki Bunaj

If you are interested in fostering to adopt any of these special rabbits, contact our Adoption team at or visit

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