Alicia’s Fund

The Alicia Drosendahl Summer Camp Fund

Alicia Drosendahl found her calling amongst the homeless residents at Animal Friends. As a young child, and with her parents as role models, Alicia grew to love the shelter animals, especially the dogs. She began volunteering on her own the day after her 13th birthday. By her 18th birthday, she had become an avid dog walker and voice for the dogs who were most challenged. In college, she even advocated for pets on campus. Alicia’s passion for the animals has always been visible, vibrant and clear.

Alicia with Toppie

The Alicia Drosendahl Summer Camp Fund (Alicia’s Fund) has been established to honor Alicia’s lifelong passion for shelter animals and to encourage that same passion in other young animal lovers. Alicia’s Fund will pay tribute to her dedication to Animal Friends’ Summer Camp program by providing scholarship funds to prospective campers who are unable to afford the full camp tuition. Alicia’s Fund will also underwrite the cost of materials and supplies to ensure an engaging and educational experience for all campers.

Donations to support the fund are welcome at any time. Animal Friends may choose to fundraise for this fund to prolong its solvency and ensure future support for the Summer Camp program at Animal Friends.