Lifesaver Society

Oftentimes we are able to arrange for family or friends to provide care for our pets should something happen to us. Unfortunately, sometimes this is not possible and we are left with the unsettling prospect of an uncertain future for our beloved pets. This is where Animal Friends can step in and provide peace of mind.

By making a planned gift* of $5,000 for the first animal and $2,500 for each additional pet, you can become a member of Animal Friends’ Lifesaver Society. As a member, your dog, cat or rabbit will receive guaranteed, immediate entry into our compassionate, holistic network of care. Animal Friends will provide all necessary social, behavioral and medical care and treatment for your pet until he or she is placed into a loving home** matched with his or her needs and personality traits.

Program Promises

  • Your pet will receive immediate admission to Animal Friends, regardless of our waiting list.
  • You have the opportunity to write detailed care instructions that will be given to your pet’s future guardians.
  • Your pet will have access to our network of foster homes and will be cared for if adoption is not immediate.
  • While in our care, your pet will continue to receive socialization, enrichment and medical care and vaccines, as needed, from our veterinary staff.
  • We guarantee a thoughtful placement through adoption.
  • Our Adoption team will continue the relationship through recurring check-ins with the animal once adoption is completed.
  • No animal at Animal Friends is ever euthanized for cost or space.

* Animal Friends can accept real estate or investment assets as well as cash bequests.

** In accordance with our placement policies, please note that in keeping with our commitment to reduce pet overpopulation, Animal Friends will spay/neuter and microchip all animals adopted through the Lifesaver Society. Also note that any animal adopted through Animal Friends is guaranteed to be accepted back into our care if for any reason the adoptive home can no longer provide necessary care.


We want your legacy gift to do exactly what you intend it to do while ensuring a loving and safe future for your pet. Providing us with a completed Declaration of Intent is the best way to ensure that your wishes are honored and we have a written record of your generosity as well as important information about your pet(s). It’s a non-binding agreement, strictly for our records so we can stay in touch with you about your intentions and interests as well as keep you up to date on our lifesaving work.

Questions? Contact our Development team at 412.847.7054 or


Chris, Kevin and Cheyenne

“Kevin and I have been married more than 30 years, are in our late 50s and have no children. Our closest family members have fur.

We share our lives with five dogs and five cats, including:

  • Cheyenne, an Aussie pup who was rescued by Animal Friends in 2019 from a small house with 117 other animals living in deplorable conditions.
  • Charlotte, a 4-pound Chorkie who was conceived in a small, damp and dark basement puppy mill.
  • Coco, whose owner died suddenly of a heart attack and had nowhere to go, and
  • George, a large orange cat who was dumped on our farm.

We live an active life and worry that if something happens to both of us, our companion animals would again be homeless.

So, to be sure that they would be well cared for, we sat down with our attorney and wrote it into our wills that our animals will go to someone we trust to look out for their best interest and be cared for the remainder of their lives.

Animal Friends’ Lifesaver Society allows you to care for your animals if you are no longer present to do so.

It gives us such peace of mind to know that our special animals will continue to live on and be loved until they join us over the Rainbow Bridge.”

– Chris Jirak O’Donnell

Your Benefits

  • It costs you nothing now to leave a gift in your will and it takes nothing more than your signature and completion of our Lifesaver Society Declaration of Intent.
  • You can change your mind at any time. You’re not locked into your decision.
  • You can provide for your beloved pet(s) and at the same time create your legacy with Animal Friends.
  • Your gift demonstrates your belief and commitment to improve the lives of animals in crisis.

Our Promises

  • You’ll be recognized for your generosity. Of course, you can remain anonymous if you prefer.
  • Your gift will be used in the way that you intend – for compassionate care and ultimately careful placement of your pet(s) into a loving, lifelong home.
  • You can change your plans at any time.
  • As a multi-year Four Star Rated Charity through Charity Navigator, you can be assured we meet the highest standards of financial transparency and integrity.

This is an important decision and we know that you may have questions about the Lifesaver Society.  For more information and answers to your questions, please contact our Development team at 412.847.7051 or

Key Information

Legal name: Animal Friends, Inc.
Tax ID Number: 25- 0951565
Incorporated in: Pittsburgh, PA

Animal Friends does not render legal or tax advice. When considering a planned gift, the services of an attorney or other professional advisor should be obtained. The purpose of this publication is to provide accurate information of a general nature only.