Rosie’s Rule

Created as a heartfelt tribute to a very special dog, Rosie’s Rule serves as a safety net for dogs who have become separated from their families. Sadly, as many as one in three pets will become lost at some point during their life. Searching for a lost dog can be an incredibly difficult and stressful situation for a family – but thankfully Rosie’s Rule is here to create happy endings for lost dogs.

Animal Friends has teamed up with Fi Smart Dog Collar to provide GPS-enabled dog collars for Animal Friends’ canine residents who are at an increased risk of becoming separated from their handler and not being safely reunited. These dogs may startle easily, have had a lack of human socialization or attempt to flee or hide in unfamiliar settings. Once outfitted with a Fi collar, Rosie’s Rule dogs will keep their collar through adoption along with a one-year subscription to the Fi App – at no cost to their new family.

The cost of one full collar package is $100. Please, consider giving a gift of any amount to support Rosie’s Rule. Together, we can protect more dogs during their time at Animal Friends, in foster care and during the first critical year in their new home!

Rosie’s Story

Rosie was rescued after spending the first six years of her life with very little human interaction. Although she was a very sweet and affectionate dog, Rosie was wary of new people and fearful in unfamiliar situations. Shortly after she was adopted by a loving and compassionate family, Rosie slipped out the garage door of her new home. A search party was assembled and the community spent weeks tracking Rosie’s movements in hopes of safely reuniting her with her adoptive family.

Tragically, after more than two weeks on the loose, Rosie was struck by a vehicle and passed away. To ensure her legacy lives on, Rosie’s family and friends are determined to share her story, so her life can have a positive impact on other dogs like her.

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Support Rosie’s Rule

Donations can be made to support the cost of purchasing and registering additional collars for our most unique canine residents to wear during their time at Animal Friends and once they have been adopted.